Attila Gombos - Head Coach

15 Years Health & Fitness Industry Experience

Attila “the hun” Gombos has had a proven track record of continuous success on and off the stage. Primarily focusing on sports nutrition, Attila has worked alongside many health care practitioners ranging from doctors to nurses, as well as holistic practitioners ranging from herbalists to dieticians. Currently a practicing nurse himself, Attila is also a new father, a husband and a nationally qualified bodybuilder. He devotes the majority of his time to helping clients achieve their goals. He promotes health as being the most important aspect of any dieting or competing client, and is able to monitor this avidly due to his medical background and holistic approach.

A healthy client is a happy client, and a happy client is the key to success in achieving goals. Working with Attila will leave you wondering, why you didn’t contact HUN Fitness sooner.

Jay Forbes - Coach

5 Years Health & Fitness Industry Experience

Jay comes from an acrobatic, calisthenics and mobility background. He has his ISSA certification, postural anatomy assessment and mobility certification, lean body fat loss coach, can fit pro. Jay competed in physique short in 2018, took home gold on novice and 2nd in overall.

Jay got into the gym first to help with mental health as he lost his brother to mental health and wanted to help others who struggled and teach them an outlet that was fun.

Our Partners

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How it Works

  • 1. Choose Program

    Select the coaching program that best suits your budget and timeline.

  • 2. Define Goals

    Together, we will review your goals and build you the best path to success.

  • 3. Outline Workout Plan

    We will configure a workout plan to best suit your body type, requirements and timeline.

  • 4. Outline Diet Plan

    We will configure a diet plan to best suit your body type, requirements and timeline.

  • 5. Weekly Check-ins

    Every week we will review your progress and address any issues or concerns you may have.

  • 6. Achieve Goals!

    Once your fitness goal has been achieved, you will take with you the lessons and methods to have full control over your body.

Our Programs

Tailor made health and fitness programs that focus on the results you want to achieve!

Contest Prep Coaching

The Contest Preparation program includes nutrition and workout guides, posing, team group chats, 24/7 access to your coach and check-ins. Catered to all categories in fitness, whether you are a female bikini competitor, all the way to male superheavy weight bodybuilder. The program you receive is for you and your personal body composition.

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

The Lifestyle Fitness program is catered to the average Joe and Jill who wants to improve their overall health and well-being. The program is optimized for a specific outcome including general fitness, weight loss, body shaping, and sport-specific objectives.