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Whole30 Diet Review – Before & After Has Us Shook!


You’ve heard ’em all before. Paleo. Keto. Whole30.

These may be the latest diet trends, but are they just that – trends? I’m here to tell you that I did a 100% no cheat Whole30 and it’s true what they say – it changed my life. Let’s get into it.

The Whole30 is a now globally renowned nutritional reset, where you chow REAL FOODfor 30 days. You’re choosing to eliminate (yes, I said that dirty word, eliminate) potentially gut disrupting foods & ingredients for a minimum of 30 days. These no-no’s include:

  • Added Sugar (real or artificial)
  • Booze (sorry not sorry)
  • Grains (no quinoa or GF oats love, no corn either)
  • Legumes (beans, peanuts, soy – and no soy lecithin, which sneaks itself into TEA of all things)
  • Dairy
  • NEW TERM ALERT: No carrageenan, MSG, sulfites. Sneaky carrageenan sneaks itself into deli meat and GUM!)
  • No unapproved foods made with approved ingredients (translation: no “paleo pancakes” or “gluten free muffins”)

So, onto the 8 Things you DIDN’T know about the Whole30 Plan:

  1. It’s NOT Paleo: There are additional specifics to avoid while on the Whole30 plan. Certain ingredients that funk with your system. And paleo hacks are not allowed, as they tell your brain that you’re still craving not so nutritious foods like muffins, pancakes, pizza, etc,
  2. It’s NOT designed to lose weight: When I completed a kickass Whole30 in January 2016, I lost 2 pounds. BUUUUUT, I had boundless energy and literally SHRUNK in all areas that we appreciate being shrunken. The continued clean eating kept me think clearly & wake up so refreshed and ready to take on the day at 5:30AM, homies.
  3. There are OVER 100 non-scale victories: Happier attitude, fewer mood swings, better stress management, less anxiety, leaner bod, clearer skin, healthier relationship with food, no more guilt or shame, improved attention span, easier to fall asleep, fresher upon waking up, no mid-day energy slump, more stamina when workin’ out, more excited to grocery shop and try new healthy recipes … THE. LIST. GOES. ON.
  4. You eat A LOT of food! No calorie counting here. Thoroughly enjoy moderate amounts of meat, seafood, eggs, LOTS of veggies, some fruit, GOOD fats, herbs/spices/seasonings. And guess what … both white & sweet POTATOES ARE APPROVED!!! Can I getta HALE YEAH?! But cha didn’t know that about your Whole30.
  5. You DON’T go back to your old ways on Day 31: Gulp. You heard me. Day 31 of the Whole30 could be your toughest day. The purpose of following the Whole30 plan is find out what foods & ingredients make you feel like complete junk. Soy makes me feel itchy & terrible. Beans tear me up. Who knew?! I sure didn’t before this food investigation. After eating incredibly clean for 30 full days, you then reintroduce one off-limit food at a time to figure out what works & doesn’t work for YOU.
  6. You can still succeed with a Whole20/Whole10/Whole7! Once you’ve successfully completed your first Whole30 and understand your trigger foods, you can clean it up for a week or two or three to get choself back on track. Be it before a vacay, after a holiday, or whenever you feel like cleaning up your nutritional act! You’ll still feel and see the benefits – not as dramatic & wonderful & life changing as completing a successful Whole30, but you’ll still feel peachy.
  7. You can find oodles of help, support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration: Just search Whole30 on any social platform and join or create a community of your own! Learn what fellow Whole30ers are whippin’ up for breakyt instead of eggs one day! I’ll be hashtagging #TIUWhole30 if you wanna follow fellow #TIUgirls who are following the Whole30 plan as well.
  8. Cooking & meal prepping can be EASY! Melissa Hartwig (co-founder of the Whole30 Plan) has a handful of baller books out with dozens of yummy Whole30 recipes. I used the recipes from the Whole30 book in January 2016, and I started adding in meals from the new Fast & Easy cookbook earlier this year.

Oh and this timeline right here, this is what you’ll be tracking each day to know, remember and believe that you’ll get through it and come out stronger, cleaner and leaner than ever!

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Written by Adrian Martinez


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